ClashRoyale: Spending Gems in Clash Royale - Guide

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Gems are a "premium" currency in Clash Royale. Gems can be used to buy gold, buy chests, buy cards, enter tournaments and challenges, and speed up the opening of chests (which can only be done with gems). Obtaining gems is difficult: they are guaranteed drop from crown chests, and also have a chance of being inside silver/free chests. You can also earn gems by gaining achievements, but the rewards are substantially low and this is not feasible as a steady source. The easiest way to get gems, of course is to just buy them: gems can be purchased at rates of about 100 gems per dollar to 140 gems per dollar, depending on the package. Gems keep Supercell in profit, so don't expect them to go away anytime soon. Regardless of how you obtained gems, once you have a decent pile you need to decide where you want to spend them. Here's a list of ways to use gems to boost your game, from what gives the best value to the ones that give the words.

1. Do challenges. Challenges and tournaments cost gems to enter/create; you cannot join or host them using gold. Challenges give the best value for your gems – they give excellent rewards in both gold and cards. Winning even half the matches will give a much higher value for your gems than you can get by any other means. To learn more about this, click to see our detailed article.


2. Speed up the opening of your chests. The most common problem that free-to-play players run into is ending up with a full chest row, which prevents you from getting any additional chests for winning matches or tournaments. Note though that this doesn't make you miss out on a chest: if you were about to get a gold chest next, then it won't disappear, it will just show up for you later on as soon as you have a free chest slot. However, you are still missing out, because you have to win a battle/tournament etc. to make that next chest appear. Speeding up a chest costs much less than what you have to pay for it in the shop: at higher levels this discount can come up to 80% or even more.

Doing this also has the advantage of letting you sleep in peace (that's literally, not metaphorically – admit it, you have lost sleep worrying about a full chest row before) which brings a lot more enjoyment to the game. Since battling is where Clash gives the most fun, battle as often as you can and speed up the longer chests that you get so that only the shorter chests open on the timer and take up your slots.

Since keeping your chest row clear brings in more chests, this increases your chances of getting Rare, Epic and Legendary cards. If you manage to get even somewhat decent at doing challenges and can win half your matches on a regular basis, then entering the challenge and spending gems to open the tournament chest you get as reward still gets you a hefty profit over exchanging gems for gold at the shop.

3. Buy gold. If you really need a bunch of gold really fast (and there probably will come a time when you do, because gold happens to be everything in Clash Royale), then you might want to consider dumping a bunch of gems at the shop for a bag of gold. Gems go for about 20 gold per gem, which gets you approximately 2000 gold for one real-world dollar. Getting gold this way gives you an advantage for many reasons, the most prominent of which is the fact that this will enable you to buy the exact cards that you want from the shop at a single go. You can buy Epics and Legendaries this way and if the card that you really, really want has showed up in the shop while you don’t have enough gold at hand it is a worthwhile investment to get the gold and buy the cards.

Remember though that the price of each cards increases every time you buy it – so do the math before you jump in. The rate of increase is the same as the base price of the card – i.e, if you buy a 1000 gold card then it will increase in price to 2000, and if you buy the card again, it will again increase in price to 3000, and so on and so forth. Buying the cards together unfortunately does not change this and you still have to pay the increment for every extra card purchased.

Having extra gold for spending never hurts, and this is also a good way to upgrade your cards when you have enough of them. It's horrible to have enough cards on hand to make an upgrade but not to have the gold to do it with – and gems will come to your rescue in situations like that.


4. Buy Chests. This is the worst possible option on what to do with your gems. If you have enough of them that they're burning a hole in your pocket then sure, splurge away. Otherwise this is just a bad idea. It could be tempting to buy a Super Magical Chest for all the cards that you might find inside (especially considering purchased chests open immediately without any kind of timer), but remember that what you have is only a chance of finding a Rare or a Legendary. The odds of getting a Rare or Legendary that you need would be even lower. Why gamble with it when you can just get gold for your gems, go to the shop, and spend much less to get the exact cards that you want? This doesn’t leave anything to chance and makes sure that you can get something to complete your deck and complement your play style.


If you are sticking with the free to play model then only spend you gems on options (1) and (2) or (1) and (3). (1) is paramount since it gives you the most amount of gold and cards; use (2) sparsely and (3) when you really, really need that one card that showed up in the shop and don’t have the gold to buy it.

If you are good spending small amounts of real-world money on occasion, do it together to get the most gems and then do (3) with whatever gems you think you can spare to get a large pile of gold (do not spend it right away) and do (1) and (2) whenever you can.

If you are rich enough to splurge on the game (some players have spent $2000+) then feel free to do whatever you want.

Finally remember that gems give best value when bought in bulk, so try making one big purchase instead of many small ones.